“I really enjoyed the streaming of The Return Saturday and participated in watching and prayer for 10 hours!! It was the next best thing to being there. I have been praying for our country for 45 years and this is very encouraging!! Thank you for all your work on it. I especially thank Rabbi Cahn for his tremendous efforts on it!”
Rhonda Carter

“Thank you for all the work to coordinate the simulcast. It was a blessing to be part of the day. I had to have a bx of kleenex at my table as I watched and prayed.”
Pastor Rick Qualls

“I watched The Return from beginning to end and I thought it was the best thing we as the American church have done, and by far the most important. It was so much more than I could have imagined. And so anointed!”
Ginny Millen

“It was an honour to be a part of the service. The format was brilliant. We learned so much and felt connected in every way from our home here in Australia 🇦🇺🐨 It was 🌜 10pm to 7am here and so worth it 🌏 managed to stay awake. God Bless America 🇺🇸”
Facebook User

“I cannot thank you all enough for organizing the prayer event. Often when I pray I feel so small and insignificant and powerless. As I looked around at all those intercession on Saturday, I had an Elisha moment when Elisha prayed in 2 Kings that the Lord open his servant’s eyes and the mountains were filled with a heavenly army. I will never again feel alone when I pray. The vision of all those intercession on their knees will always be with me and the power of united prayer has forever changed me.”
Kathy Mendieta

“I participated virtually in the return. It was amazing. Even more amazing, miraculous is the total life shift that I have experienced since that day. I have been praying in the spirit almost continually, and the Holy Spirit is speaking things into and out of my life to the point where I’m teary-eyed most of the time in sheer gratitude to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”
Facebook User

“THIS EVENT WAS OUTSTANDING!!!!! I watched it all!!! Both Friday and Saturday!!!! I took lots of notes and plan to quote scripture on Facebook – I am praying for the return to God in our nation!!!!
Thank you all for this wonderful, powerful, informative and loving event!!! To God Be the Glory!!!!”
Patricia Cirrincione

“Thanks very much. I watched on Youtube in our nation and the Washington DC
It was awesome, thank you.”
Cynthia Campher

“I have never been a part of an eight hour prayer meeting before, and it was glorious. I truly appreciate the supreme amount of organization it took to do this with excellence. I am thankful to the Lord for the sacrifice of time and dedication it took to produce this event. I pray the Lord’s blessings will rest upon you and your household.”
Susan Benjamin

“I attended the live event and have not felt the power of God like that before. Since attending, I have been repenting for my lack of obedience to God and laziness in my walk with Him. I’ve been in tears all night. I don’t want to go back. What do I do next? How do I get plugged in? How do I get involved beyond where my church can take me?”
Mike Libby

Tricia Rossmeier

“Thank you for the Return. I was part of the Jerusalem House of Prayer convocation this year and we were also connected to you on Saturday – THANK YOU for what you did in repentance work that day for the nations.”
Marie Bronedahl

“Wow. What an amazing, Spirit-led and Spirit-filled time that was. Wow. Ricky Skaggs spoke truth—some things shifted in the spirit realm. May we continue to take back territory. For His glory and reward.”
Anne-Marie Glover

“I have no words to express the thanksgiving in my heart for the tremendous effort and attention to detail for this event. I learned and experienced so very much! Thank you and blessings upon ALL who made this anointed time possible!”
Donna Brazell

“We held the simulcast here at our church and cannot give enough thanks for all the efforts that were invested in this time of encountering God and His Holy Spirit throughout the event. We praise God for the vision of bringing people together for repentance and for prayers. ”
Elaine Amundson