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Important Prophetic Events to Stand with Israel

This is the most important newsletter we have ever sent! Please take the time to read on to the end and see short video clips below. There are MANY crucial gatherings converging that will have a lasting impact into eternity.

May 28 – 30 First, as founding members of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, we will be joining with Parliamentarians in the Knesset with attendees from over 50 nations, praying together praying and worshiping God together, alongside Israels’ President and Prime Minister.

On June 2, 2024 The Return Israel will be joining Rabbi Yehuda Glick in Jerusalem celebrating WORLD ZION DAY, then again on June 5, 2024 we will return to the Temple Mount to celebrate Jerusalem Day.

World Zion Day is calling upon the nations to participate and acknowledge the profound importance of Zion—His Holy Mountain—as a beacon of spiritual unity and prayer for all peoples according to the scriptures.

Isaiah 56:7 “My house shall be called a house of prayer.”

Jerusalem Day is the celebration the reunification of the city of Jerusalem and praising God for the return of His people in 1967. This will be the 57th year and so significant.

Click here for 2 minute message from Rabbi Glick.

Psalms 122:3-6 (TLV) Jerusalem, built a city joined together. There the tribes go up, the tribes of Adonai as a testimony to Israel to praise the name of Adonai. For the thrones for judgment are set up, the thrones of the house of David. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. “May those who love you be at peace! May there Shalom within your walls, quietness within your palaces.”

The Return Israel team will be on location as a part of these and other important occurrences, including Shavuot – the feast of weeks- or Pentecost. (more to come on this and other prayer gatherings).

We are also excited to extend an invitation from our board member and partner, Lars Enarson to be apart of these events and more on his upcoming Israel tour May 30 – June 6. (We will ascend together on June 5 to the Temple Mount) There is still time to sign up! For more info Click here.

On July 3-4 we will again be joining Lars Enarson, Jack Van der Tang and other influential leaders from around the world to stand with Israel. This will be held at The World Forum international criminal court, at the Hague, in the Netherlands, a coordinated event called THE TRIAL. This is of the utmost importance. Both Kevin Jessip and Lars Enarson will be representatives standing with Israel.

Click here for 3 minute video from Kevin Jessip.

As we soon enter the heightened spiritual and natural battle grounds over the land of Israel, we feel the call to “go” and stand the gap for Israel. We need your prayers and financial support more than ever. We can’t enter this battle alone. We are asking you to respond as the Holy Spirit prompts you to participate with us, because you are needed, and you are important in God’s Kingdom. You are a blessing to us!


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Let us move forward in the Lord’s power to continue the return, to bring salvation and revival to the world!