Dear Friends,

We stand at a pivotal moment in American history and world history. A juncture, that can permanently seal our nation’s course and the course of world history, for bad or good, for calamity or redemption. America and much of western culture, were founded on a Biblical foundation stone has turned away and even against the foundation on which it was birthed. In the days after 9/11, people flocked to churches and it looked as if there could have been a spiritual revival and awakening. But it never came. Because there was no repentance, turning back to God, no changing of course, no repenting – And without repentance, without that turning, there can be no revival. So America fell even farther, spiritually, morally, away from God. We have driven God from our public squares, we have called what is good evil and what is sin, good, we have sacrificed the lives of over sixty million unborn children, and we now seek to do so up to the time of birth.

The Return is for all believers who love the Lord from all denominations and backgrounds, black, white, Spanish, Asian, men, women, youth, children, Jew and Gentile, everyone. Believers and leaders already on board with the Return include everyone from Pat Roberson to James Dobson, to Billy Graham’s daughter Ann Graham Lotz, to Martin Luther King’s Niece to Alveda King – and many, many more. The hour is late – and the call is to all – To you, parents, to lead your families in revival, to you ministers, to lead your groups in revival, to you pastors, to lead your churches in revival, to you leaders to lead your organizations, your denominations, your people into revival. And if you’re seeking God, then now is the time to come to him or return to Him and to come alongside.

The movement begins now – Then in September, we setting forth ten days, known from ancient times as the Days of Awe, of September 18 to September 28, as a special time to intensify our prayers, intercession, repentance, and revival. It all begins on the Feast of Trumpets and conclude on the Day of Atonement. It will be as those 10 days approach their conclusion that will come the Day of Return, again, on Saturday, September 26.

So now, in view of that calling, and of the times in which we’ve been called and to which we have been appointed, and in view of the moment before us, let us rise to that call, let us take God at His word, let us do what He has called us to do, let us believe for great and mighty things, and let us each return and seek to live in revival and become messengers of revival – It is time to break up our fallow ground – It is time to seek the Lord as never before. The moment and chance we have before us now may never again. It is time to return.

Your brothers and co-laborers in His love,

Jonathan Cahn & Kevin Jessip