If you’re part of a Bible study, Prayer Group, or other Ministry Group, your Group can be part of The Return. Just incorporate regular prayer and consistent intercession for revival. You can also incorporate teaching on biblical revival and commitment among the group to living in revival.

Set the ten central days of The Return, as a special time, set apart, to increase all that you and the group are doing toward revival and take part or initiate any event or gathering in your area for revival.

On the day of The Return, have your group take part in the national gathering in Washington D.C. at the National Mall, on September 26, or take part in any event or gathering in your area.

Spread the Word! – Use the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, All Social Media, to let people know – And send them to this site and to get needed or more information. Just use this link

Spread the Video! – Most effective, use the video presentation of The Return that is on this website. Just press Share. If you are a Pastor or have the opportunity to show the video to your Church, Your Bible Study, or at public gathering, you can press Download. We will also seek to have different versions of the video of different time length.

Easy Set-Up to Organize Your Group

Signing up for an event has been carefully created to be easy, low touch experience. Register for a group and set up a group name, username and password for your account. Once registered, you will receive a link that can be sent to those attendees you’d like invite to the event and invite to your group.


Access to View Who has Registered to Your Group

One you have registered for an account you are allowed entrance at anytime to view others that have clicked your link and signed up to be apart of your group.


Ability to Communicate with Your Group

After assembling your group you have the ability to sign in to contact and message all members at anytime. This can be helpful when talking through the different logistics of attending the even to ensure each member is on the same page.



Host the Simulcast

This is an opportunity to join with millions around the globe on September 26, 2020 as we seize this God-given opportunity. The scripture says God will “do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to His power that is at work within us” (Ephesians 3:20). Join with us by praying, and hosting the event on September 26th. 


To Find Out More, How You Can Be Part of The Return, Attend the National Event, Attend Other Events, Receive the Live Simulcast, Host an Event or Simulcast, or Receive the Latest Updates, News, Important Information, Announcements, or Resources – Use the Box to the right.

* Special Note – THE RETURN is planned to go ahead in Washington, throughout America, and the world in Live Events & Live Simulcast. To Ensure that you’ll be part, regardless of any circumstances or changes in the world or national situation – Check off BOTH A)To Reserve Now Your Tickets to the Event & B)To Receive the Live Simulcast (Both are Free & Noncommital & it provides you with a back-up either way)

Bless Every Home


Lights’ are people who show the love of Jesus to their neighbors – people they know and others in close proximity. By becoming a Church Affiliate you can join Churches around the world, encouraging intentional prayer for the community and reaching neighbor homes for Christ.