COVID-19 Update

The Mall
The Return would like to thank you for your continued support of this most important movement for our Nation and the world. We want to ensure you we will do our part to help plan, prepare, and respond to the public health threat known as Covid-19 by diligent prayer and full adherence to guidelines set forth by the authorities in Washington D.C. during the gathering at the National Mall. These guidelines and requirements are updated weekly on the Washington D.C. Corona Virus Website. We suggest you bookmark this page and check it regularly prior to any travel.
The District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) has several city ordinances, executive orders, and regulations of which all tourists traveling to and throughout its jurisdiction must be in compliance. It is the intention of The Return to keep all potential attendees fully informed. We ask that you take time and review the risks of travel during the current pandemic.

We ask that anyone with health risks, comorbid conditions, or any other underlying health conditions, or those otherwise restricted from coming to consider either attending a smaller gathering in your area via simulcast or watching the simulcast from your home.

There is at present and may be at the time of the event a quarantine issued regarding non-essential travel from varied states. We believe that The Return a historic, prophetic, and essential event concerning the future of America and the world. But as for the government of Washington, it views religious gatherings as non-essential. At the same time, these restrictions may change or be lifted by the time of the event. So check out more specific information on traveling to the Washington D.C. area, visit: Since the situation of restrictions may change, it would seem wisest to maintain and keep all options open.