At some point in our Christian walk, we cross over what could be referred to as the “obedience line.” That is when someone determines in his heart to go all the way with the Lord. When he realizes that nothing in this world can hold him and he resolves to obey God’s Word in all ways and at all costs.

When you enter into a life of obedience and dependence on Christ with a determination never to go back, every alarm in hell is set off. Why? Because you have become a threat to the kingdom of darkness. When you decided to give all to the Lord, you began to make waves in the unseen world. That’s precisely the time you became a prime target of the enemy.

We are familiar with Peter and his sifting process. Peter thought he was spiritually strong enough to die for Christ. He wasn’t aware of any glaring weakness in himself and he made some strong statements after the Lord told him that Satan wanted to sift him as wheat (see Luke 22:31).

“Lord, I am ready to go with You, both to prison and to death” (Luke 22:33). For three years, Peter had been casting out devils and healing the sick — and that was nothing compared to the greater works God had planned for him and the other disciples. Satan heard and knew what God had planned for Peter and he trembled. Satan always goes after the tree with the most potential to bear fruit and the devil knew Peter was set apart to bear much fruit.

Having already pulled down Judas, Satan now thought he saw a measure of corruption in Peter he could build on to make Peter’s faith fail. Our faith is Satan’s prime target and in the span of just a few short hours, the devil brought circumstances into Peter’s life that severely tested his faith and love for Jesus.

Today, because of the cross of Jesus Christ, we can say to Satan, “You may have gotten permission to sift me, devil, and you may attempt to tear down my faith. But you need to know that Jesus is praying for me” (see John 17:9).

Beloved, if you have failed or grieved the Lord, run into his arms and remember that he is praying for you. You are the Lord’s, so rest in his unconditional love!