Undoubtedly, this generation has taken the sin of unbelief too lightly and right now, we are seeing the tragic results. Many believers are in depression and unrest; of course, some suffer for physical reasons, but many others endure such suffering because of their spiritual condition — often brought on by unbelief.

The Lord always uses strong language when he refers to unbelief among his people, words such as wrath, anger, abhorrence and tempting him. Moses made a point of reminding the younger Israelites of this: “You saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a man carries his son, in all the way that you went until you came to this place … And the Lord heard the sound of your words [of unbelief], and was angry, and took an oath, saying, ‘Surely not one of these men of this evil generation shall see that good land of which I swore to give to your fathers’” (Deuteronomy 1:31, 34-35).

Shortly after the Red Sea crossing, God commanded Israel to go boldly into Canaan and he gave them a powerful word of assurance: “Look, the Lord your God has set the land before you; go up and possess it … do not fear or be discouraged …The Lord your God … will fight for you” (1:21, 30). What an incredible promise! But Israel staggered at God’s pledge to them and instead of taking him at his promise, they sent spies into Canaan, who brought back an evil report — full of unbelief (see Numbers 13 and 14). You see, while the spies were there, they were influenced by Satan and failed to take God at his word. Thus, they returned to camp as instruments of the devil.

God brings all his children to the ultimate testing of their faith. In fact, you may be in this place right now. You have a wonderful history with God and he has given you his covenant promises, but the devil has come to you with lies, telling you that you’re not going to make it.

If you have begun to accept such lies and you believe God is going to fail you in your crisis, it is time for you to look into God’s Word and believe it! God has not left you to fight alone, so take his hand and walk into the promised land he has prepared for you.

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