The Return is not about any single organization, denomination, or person and has but one agenda—revival. A global movement of this size is only possible because of an alignment of God’s people to pursue his will and bring about revival. We are blessed and grateful for the support of our team.

Our simulcast partner is in:ciite Events, a company built on one mission: helping build God’s Kingdom by creating remarkable experiences through events, products, and films that are culturally and spiritually relevant. 

A Larry Ross Communications
Bless Every Home
Engage Media Partners
Epic Pay
Hamilton Strategies
Triple Horse Studios


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* Special Note – THE RETURN is planned to go ahead in Washington, throughout America, and the world in Live Events & Live Simulcast. To Ensure that you’ll be part, regardless of any circumstances or changes in the world or national situation – Check off BOTH A)To Reserve Now Your Tickets to the Event & B)To Receive the Live Simulcast (Both are Free & Noncommital & it provides you with a back-up either way)